Kamis, 13 April 2017

Thank to My Older Sister

Thank to My Older Sister

 My sister, Anissa Febie Melati, always proves to be the best sister. I have a lot of examples, but I will share just three of them. When I have a test, she will teach me. When I need advice on friendship, she is ready to share. When I feel down, she always gives me encouragement. In every condition, she is always there for me.

Last semester, I studied hard for my Chemistry test. The material for the test could not get into my brain although I had read the Chemistry book several times. It was already late so I could not ask my friends or the teacher. My sister was already home so I decided to ask her help. First, she gave me her Xth grade Chemistry book. After that, she started to teach me the material for the test. It did not take a long time for me to understand the material. I did not know why I could not understand it before. Thank God, my sister was there. She is the best teacher for me.

 My sister is very sociable. She makes a lot of friends, those from her year as well as those who are her senior or event younger. I remember last time, somebody I know from junior high who really hates me and is apparently in the same school with me now, tried to provoke other students to hate me. I did not react or say anything but I told my sister about it. Do you know what she did later ? She provoked all of her friends to hate him and it worked. I love my sister for this.

 One day, my academic grades were dropped because I did too many extracurricular activities. It made my mother disappointed. I felt very guilty and deeply sad. Since then, my mother has pushed me to study harder and often compared me with my best friend. I felt more guilty. The only person I can share my feeling is my sister. So I poured all my feelings to her. She just listened and hugged me. Suddenly, I felt relieved. I felt as if she took all the burden from my shoulders and carried it for me.

I really thank God for sending me my sister. She always proves to be the best sister for me in all situations. When I cannot understand school lessons, she will teach me. When I have trouble with my friends, she is ready to help. When I feel bad, she is always my shoulder to cry on. I hope she can be successful in her final National Exam and get accepted at her dream university. I always hope the best for my sister.

Rabu, 12 April 2017

Crossword Puzzle

Crossword Puzzle




















Across           :
1. Synonym of pretty.
2. Extraordinary way of thinking.
4. The new invention (one doubled letter is missing).
5. Method of doing something.
6. Synonym of area.
9. Synonym of hello.
12. Result of writing an important thing.
15. Opposite of rise.
16. Synonym of fast.
18. Repeatedly turning over.
19. Synonym of sky.

Down                 :
3. Crystals from ocean water for cooking.
4. If you do something wrong, you feel…
5. Can beat opponent.
6. Place to keep animals.
7. Not safe.
8. 24 hours.
9. To put on your head during school ceremony.
10. The wife of king.
11. Panorama, scene.
13. A good feeling.
14. Experienced by every living thing (the second and the third letters are exchanged).
17. Short for identification.