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          Nature consisting of biotic and abiotic components. Biotic component consist of living things such as animals, plants, humans, and others. While abiotic component comsist of inanimate objects. All of this components are interconnected so that there is a reciprocal relationship between the both. This reciprocal relationship is not always profitable the both, there is resciprocal relationship only profitable one of the parties and harm the other party. All of this resciprocal relationship calles symbiosis.

          One of symbiosis examples in life is between Rafflesia Arnoldi with its hots plant, this called symbiosis parasitism, which only profitable one of the pasties and harm the other party. This symbiosis is a natural thing. Another example  is between human and nature, nature provides human needs such as residence and food, while humans maintain and provides CO2 for nature. This symbiosis calles symbiosis mutualism which profitable both parties. But, humans and nature are not always mutually benefical. If humans act arbitrarily, nature will wrath. Finally, human and nature will mutually harm.

          Humans often do arbitrarily without caring of the nature. Cutting down the trees for settlements, littering such as throw garbage anywhere, dispose of plant waste in the river that humans normally. However, don't humans think the negative impacts of all they did ? All of the good behavior will be replied by kindness too, and otherwise all of the bad behavior will get the punishment. Disasters began arriving, flood, landslide, forest fires, nature began to show his anger.

  1. 1. Humans throw garbages anywhere

causing flooding

2. Felling trees witout reforestation

causing landslide

          There is a time where nature provides all the needs of humans, but there are times also nature's wrath because of humans did. If nature have wrathed, slowly the earth will be destroyed, environment becomes damaged because of natural disasters, and the creatures that live in it will be extinct including humans. Not all humans are evil to nature. Of course there are people who care to environment, and we have to the one of that people. As person who cares about the environment, there are so many things we have to do. Reforestation after felling trees, selectively felling trees then will not happen flood and landslide, do 3R (Recycle, Reuse, Reduce) to lower the high amount of litter on earth, use bicycle or walk to reduce air pollution, and so many the others.

My Holiday

                                                                           My Holiday

          My Holiday was so very nice. Although I just stayed in Bandung and did not go out of town, but it was still fun. Why did I say that was still fun ? Because approaching new year, my father was coming. I missed my father so much since he worked in Riau. My father rarely home, he returned home approximately three months once. It made our family rarely get together with complete members.

          At 30th December 2016 my father was coming. He brought a lot of souvenirs that my sister and I like. The souvernirs was food such as riau's bika ambon, some candy, and pempek. Because it looks tasty food, my family and I ate pempek and riau's bika ambon in the morning, right one day before the new year. After breakfast with rice, some food, and the food from my father, we went around the city by car and of course we snacking the candy from my father. All the food given by my father very delicious. Actually, one of the things that makes me happy when my father came was when he brought the souvernirs of food. Without buy the snacks, I quite eat the souvenirs of food from my father. It always happen when my my father is coming.

          My family and I spent time in new year's eve at Hasan Saputra street, Turangga, Bandung, no. 11st. That adress is my other family's house. We went to my other family's house at 9 PM, so we arrived at 10 PM because our house at Tata Surya street no. 24th, Margahayu Raya, Bandung (so far). In there, we cooked a lot of food, such as beef goulash, soup, tempe, tahu, and the food that I most liked was satay. We cooked, cooked, and cooked and finished at 11.30 PM. Felt so long right ? Of course because the satay was grilled by our self. We waited for the new year to eat all of the food.

          Finally the new year of 2017 was coming. My family and I was so excited this moment. We talked while was eating all of food that we made by us. The new day, the new month, and the new year was so amazing, because there is a holiday for all of us that we can spent our time with our family or with the people we love. I hope I could enjoy this moment again in the next year with my family.

          Not only spent my holiday with my family, but I also participated in exercice routine of extracurricular Tiloe's Theater (calles TST). Exercise routine is always held, but this was different from the unusual. This exercise routine was prepared to showed theater performance themed "students" in Nagabonar and I was one of the players in that theater performance. We all practiced every day exactly a week before attending school.

          Actually exercise routine every day was tired. But, I could do this because all of my friends and I encouraged each other. Besides my friends who were encouraging, there is also coach who helped us prepare the show as good as possible. It made our performance very good. I just spent my holiday with my family and T'ST. I hope my next holiday will be full of happiness like this again.

Selasa, 25 Oktober 2016

The Golden Slug (Keong Mas)


In the ancient time, lived a young man named Galoran. He was respected because of his wealth and honor. His parents were nobleman so he could live with luxury. However, he was very wasteful and every day just squandered the wealth of his parents.

One day, his parents died, but he did not care and continued to spend money as well as before. Because his life was so extravagant, all the treasure that he had was running out and he became an unemployed person. Many people sympathized with him and offered a job. But every time he got the job, he just dallied and it made him always be fired. Several months later, there was a wealthy widow who interested him. He married the widow and of course, he was very happy to be living in luxury again.

The widow had a daughter who was very diligent and clever to weave. Her name is Jambean, a beautiful girl and had been famous because of her weaving. However, Galoran did not like the girl, because the girl often scolded him because of his laziness. Finally, he threatened to torture and kill Jambean. He revealed the plan to his wife and the wife was very sad to hear of the threat.

Hearing the news, Jambean was very sad but she volunteered herself to be killed by her father. She told that she wanted to be dumped into a dam and did not burry under the ground after the death. The mother agreed and did all of her wants. In the dam, her body and head suddenly turned into the golden slugs.

Several years later, there are two widows who were looking for firewood. They were kindred, the first widow named Mbok Sambega Rondo and the second called Mbok Rondo Sembagil. When looking for the firewood in the jungle, they were very surprised because of finding the beautiful golden slugs. They brought it and maintained at home.Once they brought the snails, there was always a miracle every day. Their kitchen was always filled with the delicious food when they came home from work. They were very surprised, and wanted to know the person who made those foods. They pretended to go to work and hid in the back of the house. A few moments later, there was a beautiful girl came from the inside of the conch and she began to cook the delicious meals.Both widows then secretly held and did not let the girl to get into the snail anymore. The girl apparently was Jambean who had been killed by her father. Both widows then allowed her to stay with them. Because of their versatility in weaving, she got her famous back and made a handsome prince attracted. In the end, she married the prince and lived happily.

Source : http://rofhiah.blogspot.co.id/2013/12/12-cerita-rakyat-dalam-bahasa-inggris.html

Question :
1. What is the antonym of scold ?
    a. rate
    b. revile
    c. praise
    d. rebuke
    e. repove
2. Who found The Folden Slug ?
    a. Jambean
    b. The widow
    c. Galoran and Jambean
    d. Mbok Pular and Mbok Jeneng
    e. Mbok Sambega and Mbok Rondo
3. Where did Mbok Sambega and Mbok Rondo Sembagil find the golden slug ?
    a. In the lake
    b. In the river  
    c. On the street
    d. In the jungle
    e. On their home page

4. What did Mbok Sambega and Mbok Sembagil do when they found the golden slug ?
    a. They throw it back
    b. They gave it to their son
    c. They brought and sold it
    d. They brought it and maintained at home
    e. They didn't care

5. What is the moral value of The Golden Slug story ?
    a. The envious person would feel the defeat and destruction in the future
    b. If you want something, you have to work hard
    c. Do not insubordinate to our parents
    d. Always be kind to everyone
    e.  Do not care about those who harm us, because behind it all there must be a silver lining

Senin, 03 Oktober 2016


          Megantara was a culture festival which has a function to show various Indonesian cultures. There was a food bazaar in Megantara, too. So, you could find different kinds of meals and snacks. In addition, there were guest stars like the Changcuters and RAN.

          Those who came to this culture festival had to buy a ticket which cost a hundred thousand Rupiah. That was not cheap, was it ? Even though it was expensive, I did not care when I bought that ticket. Why did not I care about the price ? The answer is because I was really interested in the various Indonesian cultures.

          First, I had to buy the ticket. I bought it from Marisa who was one of Megantara commitee members. The event was held on Saturday, 10th September 2016. But, before I came, there was a parade in the morning. The tenth grade students of SMAN 3 Bandung and some kindergarten kids.We and the kids walked passed Taman Lalu Lintas, that was wuite far. But, walking with the kids was really fun. The parade finished at 10.00. Meanwhile. Megantara itself began at 12.00. There was a two hour gap between 10.00 - 12.00, so my friends and I went to takolada.

          After that, we prayed Dzuhur in a mosque quite far from the Megantara venue becase we went there on foot. Finally it was time for the event to begin. When it was 12.00 p.m., we were allowed to enter the venue. Inside like I mentioned before, we could find a lot of food sold there. Besides buying the food, we could also watch the Indonesian culture performances like a traditional dance, wayang golek or puppet show, and many others. The students of SMAN 3 participated by joining a traditional fashion show. They showed different traditional costumes from Papua, West Java, Sumatera, and other provinces.

          In this venue there was a mushola where we could pray. This is because we still need to pray 5 times a day. At dusk, more and more people came. They were not just students and teachers from SMAN 3 Bandung, but also students from other schools or even adults. There were about a thousand people. Before we arrived at the top performance of Megantara (the guest stars, such as the Changcuters and RAN), Ridwan Kamil as mayor of Bandung announced the winner of the traditional costume competition. I could not believe my eyes : it was Ridwan Kami, the VIP person in Bandung. The winner of that competition was a student who was wearing the Papua costume.

          I could not wait to see the guest stars, especially the Changsuters. I really like them. Just for your information, the Changsuters is from Bandung. That makes me like them so much. Oh, I almost forgot, before the guest star performances, there was a performance from T'ST (Teather SMAN 3 Bandung). It was amazing !

          Actually, since I first saw the their performances, I determine to take T'ST as my extracuricullar activity. I think they always show the best performanrences. T'ST theme at Megantara was Indonesian culture. It ilustrated the ongoing culture extinction in Indonesia. Their show remind us as the SMAN 3 Bandung students to always take care of our culture and maintain its existance, for the sake of our future generation.

          The guest stars seemed to be preparing themselves at the back stage. Why did I think so ? Because it took so long since the announcement of their performance by the MC before they finally came. I felt bored. But when they really were on stage and started performance. Started performing, the audience suddenly became boisterous. Even though the top performance was already late in the evening, the audience, including me was still full of spirit. We sang and sang together, despite our feeling tired of standing too long and waiting. RAN performed right after. It was fun but not as fun as the Changcuters. At last, the event came to its end. We went to our respective home and slept tight.

Selasa, 27 September 2016

                                                           My Unforgetable Moment

          My unfergetable moment is when my family and I went to PRJ (Pekan Raya Jakarta) or fairs Jakarta. Why am I can not forget this moment ? because I went there with my complete family, such as my mother, my father, my sister, my maid, and of course with me too. until now, my family and I always gathered and go to something place. But, not always with the complete family members.

          When I was 5th grsde, my father has been working outside the city, Pekan Baru-Riau. And when I was 6th grade, my maid stop working because she would married. From 5 family mambers including my father, my mother, my sister, my maid, and I which always gathered, now just 3 family members which always gathered, including my mother, my sister, and I. 

          Every my school elementry holidays because of a red date in the calendar, my family and I always went to Jakarta. This habit always happened before my father has been working in Riau.

          First my family and I  went to Jakarta with the car. The travel went to Jakarta feels so far and long. Probably around 150 kilo meters and it may take around 3 until 4 hours. My father who drove the car and I just sleep while waiting till to Jakarta. When my family and I till to the house in Jakarta. in there, we break before tomorrow went to PRJ. We all slept overnight waiting for tomorrow.

          Finally, the day where we were going to PRJ come. But, before went to PRJ, we visited our far family in Tangerang from morning to evening. And then we went to PRJ at dusk.We queue to got the tickets and we went in to the inside of PRJ at night. So many games and events in there. my mother and I bought kerak telor, and it so delicious. After ate kerak telor, we watch Barongsai show. That is so fun watching Barongsai. Barongsai is kind of dragon dance from China. After that, we walking to look around. That is so many games that my siter and I palyed. Games in the water, and the others. until now, I can not forget that events. I hope my family and I can go to that place again.
                                                                         My Favorite place

          My favorite place is Cikole. That place is a forest. Once I have visited that place with my family : my mother, my sister, and some relatives. Cikole has become my favorite place ever since. We can have a picnic and enjoy the view there.

          Not just that, we can also walk to the top of the hills and scream as load as we can. In adition, we can see the beautiful scenery, too. Actually, when I and my family went to the top of the hill, the weather suddenly changed, it started to rain. So we went back to the previous location. I am so happy if I can visit Cikole again with my family.

Minggu, 25 September 2016

                                                        Why I Choose SMAN 3 Bandung ?

          SMAN 3 Bandung is the one of favorite's Senior High School in Bandung. Since I was in elementry school until in JHS, I want to study at SMAN 3 Bandung.

          I had heard so many people talking about SMN 3 Bandung. Some were about negative, others were positive about it. Then, I had made a research on social media like LINE, Instagram or others and I googled. My result ? I found that SMAN 3 Bandung is still the best senior high school in Indonesia.

          Of course this school is also many people's favorite. I know that many favorite's high school get invited by good quality universities, such as ITB and Padjajaran. usually have the invitation to the universities with good quality universities, such as ITB and Padjajaran. I want to be a doctor, so being a student in SMAN 3 Bandung gives me more chance to be accepted in UNPAD medical faculty.

          Most SMAN 3 Bandung graduates are successful in their career. This is because this school has a strong academic standing. In fact, the science education is what sets its level above other schools. It's science curriculum is slightly different from other high schools. It follows the conventional order of the national curriculum.

          Only choosen people who can study in this school. They must be smart, in another, intelligent, diligent, and have good character. I want to be the one of the choosen people and want to compete with them.

          In addition, I love arts. Music, traditional dances, and drawing have been my passion. This school has more than 30 extracurricular activities. Some of them are, Classical Music (MK), Tiloe's Teater (T'ST), and SPED 3 (Suara Pelajar Debat 3) where can use my English and become fluent. I would like to be actively participate and develop my skills and finally become a better student who is not only smart but skillful.